Swinging alone on New Years Eve

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A single gals swinging adventure

This past New Years Eve, I had no plans and to be honest, New Years isn’t really anything special to me. I don’t really enjoy being around large crowds, especially large crowds of drunk people, so I normally just have a quiet one.

But this year, I felt like doing something adventurous and exciting like I used to when I was in my early twenties.

A few days earlier, I had been discussing swinging with some of my friends, so a naughty, intruiging idea popped into my head. Perhaps I would go swinging – on my own!

I decided to check out the web sites of a couple of swingers clubs in Sydney to see if they had anything special planned for the evening.

I was extremely excited to find that a prominent swingers club was holding a New Years Eve event for couples and single ladies only. I had been to this establishment once before with a partner and I had an absolutely amazing time.

This Club was clean, friendly and had many rooms to play in and even though it had been many years since my visit, I felt comfortable going there alone.

In the days leading up to New Years, I began feeling anxious and nervous about travelling into the city and going to the club all alone. I thought to myself, “what happened to the outgoing, confident woman that I used to be, who would jump at the chance to have adventures such as these?” I decided that it was time for me to rediscover my old self and I would definitely go to the party.

I woke up that morning with a list of things to do. I had to get my hair coloured and blow dried and also buy some new lingerie, among other things. I found the most gorgeous body suit, it was gold – a perfect colour for New Years and it would match my blonde hair. It had a padded push up bra to accentuate my breasts with three gold chains which hung over my décolletage and had a sexy g string back.

Perfect outfit, check. Stunning hair, check and I kept the make up fairly minimal as I didn’t want to end up with mascara and lip stick smeared all over my face after play time. I was ready.

The nerves still hadn’t subsided on the drive in and I had arrived about an hour early. I decided to go to a bar across the street to have a quiet drink for some liquid courage. Whilst sitting alone, I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the couples in the bar would venture over to the club later.

I heard the 9pm fireworks popping off which meant it was finally time to enter the club. I walked across the street and up the stairs and was greeted by an older gentleman. He gave me a quick tour and gave me a key to a locker for the evening. I placed all of my things in there and headed to the bar area with my bottle of 18 year old Glenfiddich.

I was greeted by a handsome bar tender who was wearing nothing but a pair of tiny shorts and a bow tie. His body was a work of art. Tight, toned abs, muscly arms and legs and his face was gorgeous also. I gave him my bottle of scotch and stood at the bar making small talk with him.

There weren’t many people in the bar area yet. There was an older couple sitting alone on one side of the room, and two younger couples sitting together chatting on the other side. The bar tender poured my drink and I heard complete silence behind me and felt every pair of eyes in the room, firmly fixated on me. The nerves kicked in again as I thought “oh God, what have I gotten myself into?”

I took a deep breath, gave myself a quick mental pep talk, picked up my glass of scotch and approached the two younger couples. I asked if they would mind if I sat with them. They were very friendly and invited me to sit and chat with them. They were all extremely attractive. I honesty couldn’t believe how lucky I was that the first people I had met and spoken with that evening, were all people I was very attracted to.

They began to introduce themselves. One couple was Katie and Jason and the other couple’s names were Kayla and Dan. The five of us chatted and laughed together as we were not so secretly checking each other out. A few drinks in, the nerves had subsided, and one of the gentleman suggested us ladies get changed into our outfits. The three of us walked down to the lockers and put on our lingerie. As we walked back upstairs, one of the ladies whispered in my ear “you’re going to get a lot of attention tonight.”

As we ascended from the stairs and walked back to the bar area, there were many eyes on me and I absolutely lapped up the attention. I was feeling like the old, extroverted me. My inner exhibitionist was on display for all the voyeurs to see.

I stayed with the two couples and the five of us decided to venture down to the play rooms. One of the ladies suggested we find a dark room, which slightly disappointed me as I like the lights on.

The five of us entered a small, dark room, which was essentially just one large bed. Finally! It was time to play!

We all took off our clothes. When it comes to sex, I am not shy at all. Sex with random strangers is easy, but socialising with them is what makes me nervous. So I just jumped right in and started things off.

I began kissing both of the gorgeous women. whilst running my fingers gently down each of their spines. I was already so turned on. I pushed them both down on to the bed so they were laying next to each other in front of me. Two gorgeous pussies on display. I licked one and then the other, going back and forth between the two, tasting them. I realised quickly that I had bitten off more than I could chew. How could I please both these ladies when I only have one mouth? I turned to the gentleman and said “I need help!”

Katie’s partner began going down on her while I continued going down on Kayla. Kayla’s partner positioned himself behind me, rolled on a condom, and began to fuck me from behind. I was so wet. Delicious pussy in my face and a hard cock from behind.

I remembered I had brought a bag of toys with me that I was keen to try out. I had bought a couples set from my local sex shop which had a reusable vibrating cock ring for the male and another toy called a “we-vibe” for the woman.

The we-vibe was sort of U shaped. One end sits on the clitoris while the other end is inserted into the vagina so that it sits in place while you’re having sex. The added bonus for the man is that his cock rubs against the other end while he’s inside you, causing him to feel vibrations wrapped around his cock.

I inserted the we-vibe, turned it on and had Dan enter me from behind again. “Wow! That feels amazing,” Dan exclaimed. I concurred.

I was having a sensory over load – Kayla was kissing me passionately, her partner was penetrating me and the vibrations on my clit – Oh My God! Kayla could see I was close to orgasm and she said “tell him how you want it Lacey.”

“Harder” I squealed with pleasure.

Dan starting pumping harder and faster and I had the most explosive orgasm. We changed positions a few times and I had a few more orgasms before I decided I needed a break.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I was able to see everything clearly, so I decided that I wanted to sit back and watch the two couples play for a while, while I masturbated with my vibrator. It was so hot watching the four of them suck and fuck each other.

I orgasmed so many times throughout the evening. I slept with a couple of other men who I hadn’t even spoken too and watched many couples swap their partners – enjoying complete sexual ecstasy.

I even got to watch the sexy bartender fuck Katie while I gave a lap dance to her partner Jason. He was definitely very athletic – if you know what I mean.

All in all, I had a fantastic evening and I even swapped numbers with Kayla and Dan so that we can catch up for some hot threesome action.

After attending the swingers club on my own, I feel like I’ve started to gain my confidence back and have started to feel more outgoing. I will definitely be looking forward to more swinging adventures in the near future.

What advice can I give to single women or couples who want to try this type of sexual experience? Well firstly, find a reputable establishment by checking reviews online and always go somewhere that is Couples and Single ladies only. If you go to a swingers club that accepts single men, it’s generally just a huge sausage fest. Secondly, just try it! If you get there and don’t like it, you can always leave. You do not have to do anything you don’t want to or partake in any activities if you aren’t feeling it.

But you might just find that you do like it! You can let go of your inhibitions and release your sexuality in a safe environment, surrounded by other couples and single ladies who can fulfil your every fantasy and desire.

Lacey Divine xxx


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