15 Times ‘The O.C.’ Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations About Love, From Chrismukkuah Comas To Spider-Man Kisses

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Let’s face it: The O.C. absolutely offered all of us impractical expectations about love. Seth quickly went from unnoticeable nerd geek to Summertime’s one real love in the period of one season. On the other hand, Ryan reached Newport and within the very first 10 minutes of the program, shared a renowned meet-cute with Marissa. When it concerned romantic minutes, The O.C. had them all, and they were seriously #goals.

Although some relationships weren’t rather smooth cruising, like Marissa and Ryan’s, there were still a lot of fantastic minutes shared within the couples on the program. Ryan showed to be the supreme dream young boy, dating strong-willed ladies who assisted him open about his sensations, while he continuously put himself in risk and compromised whatever to guarantee their security and joy. Who can forget Ryan’s lots of minutes of safeguarding Marissa (and aiming to conserve her prior to her death in Season 3), or that time he chose to leave his life in Newport behind to return to Chino with Theresa to assist her raise a kid who might not even be his?

On The Other Hand, Seth did whatever in his power to win Summertime’s love and trust. It started a bit rocky, however it rapidly turned into a healthy relationship that enabled both of them to grow and gain from each other. Here are a few of The O.C.’ s most renowned minutes that ended up being supreme relationship objectives.


1 The “I Dream I Was A Mermaid” Poem

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It took years for Summertime to recognize that Seth had a crush on her, however she began seeing him in a brand-new light when he recited the mermaid poem she checked out in class in 6th grade.

2 Ryan And Taylor’s Chrismukkah Coma

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This Season 4 episode is among the weirdest, with Ryan and Taylor in a coma after falling off a ladder while aiming to determine their relationship. Ends up, all it considered Ryan and Taylor to make it main was being comatose and sharing the very same alternate universe dream that demonstrates how various Newport would be if Ryan had actually never ever moved there.

3 Ryan And Marissa’s Meet-Cute

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If you deliver Marissa and Ryan, you’ll acknowledge this scene as the supreme meet-cute. Who understood Ryan lighting her cigarette would enormously alter their lives?

4 Seth’s Kissing Cubicle Speech

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Seth got irritated with Summertime’s choice to conceal their relationship and stated his love in a substantial method: basing on the kissing cubicle informing practically the entire school what does it cost? she indicated to him. Summertime’s preliminary humiliation didn’t last long, as she reciprocated by kissing Seth.

5 Ryan’s First Kiss With Marissa

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Ryan, horrified of heights, rode the ferris wheel with Marissa to speak to her. He started to stress when the ferris wheel stops (thanks to Anna’s genius computing), however eventually welcomed his alone time with Marissa, sharing a very first kiss.

6 Seth Hiding His Rejection To Brown From Summertime So She’ll Still Go

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Although Summertime at first prepared to go to Brown just to be with Seth, she got in and he didn’t. Although his imagine participating in the Ivy League were shattered, he chose not to inform Summertime he didn’t get in so she ‘d still go, compromising the relationship. It may not have actually readied that he lied, however him aiming to make certain Summertime didn’t lose out on going to Brown is truly sweet.

7 Marissa And Alex’s First Kiss

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Marissa and Alex’s relationship was temporary, however Alex was the primary support group for Marissa while she handled her turbulent relationship with her mother Julie. After flirting for a while, Malex lastly ended up being a thing when Marissa went to Alex at the Bait Store on Valentine’s Day and altered Alex’s mind about disliking Valentine’s Day dates.

8 Seth And Summertime’s Spider-Man Kiss

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In this renowned Seth-Summer minute, Seth aimed to stop Summertime from going to Italy with Zach and she informed him off. Simply when it appeared like the possibility for them to obtain back together was over, Summertime left the airport and captured Seth as he was tangled up upside down after falling off the roofing in his Spider-Man mask. And naturally, the duo reproduced the renowned kiss.

9 Ryan’s Return To Chino

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After discovering Theresa’s pregnant, Ryan left Marissa behind to obtain back with Theresa and assisted her raise the child. It’s clear Ryan liked both ladies, however compromising his newfound, steady life with the Cohens to be there for Theresa stated a lot.

10 Ryan’s Sober “I Love You” To Drunk Taylor

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Ryan and Taylor had among the most unforeseen yet healthiest relationships on The O.C., with them equally supporting each other as they faced challenging modifications in their lives. Taylor, who had no qualms about speaking her mind, drunkenly desired Ryan to inform her he enjoys her and aimed to get him intoxicated so he ‘d lastly state it. Ryan, who was sober, let Taylor understand that he didn’t need to get inebriated to state it to her.

11 Ryan Conserving Taylor From An Earthquake

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The O.C. has a lot of significant minutes including Ryan saving his love interests. In this one, after Ryan offered Taylor a genuine present that demonstrated how much he listened and appreciated her, an earthquake destroyed the minute. Ryan rapidly chose to protect Taylor as whatever fell on him.

12 Ryan’s New Year’s Eve Kiss With Marissa

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This episode destroyed everybody’s expectations for New Year’s Eve with Ryan racing to Oliver’s New Year’s Eve celebration in the nick of time to kiss Marissa in an extremely significant series.

13 Ryan’s First Kiss With Lindsay

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Ryan and Lindsay are The O.C.’s most underrated couple, completely matching each other. After Lindsay asked Ryan to the SnOC dance, he declined her stating he currently made strategies with Marissa, although he covertly wished to opt for Lindsay. Ryan left the dance and aimed to apologize with Lindsay, to no get. Simply when Ryan concerned terms with them not having the ability to be together, Lindsay visited and they shared an enthusiastic kiss.

14 Seth’s Impromptu First Date With Alex

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Seth’s relationships with anybody who wasn’t Summertime were type of a mess, however he shared a lovable, yet quick, love with Alex. After a dreadful double date with Ryan (indicated to be Alex’s date) and Lindsay, Alex let Seth understand she had sensations for him regardless of what does it cost? he spoke about Summertime, causing an unscripted ice cream date.

15 Seth And Summertime’s Engagement

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Throughout a dreadful journey to Las Vegas, Summertime recognized she * may * be pregnant and took a pregnancy test– just to have it taken by somebody in an alien outfit. The gang raced to discover whoever took Summertime’s handbag with the pregnancy test, making Seth think of the future. He eventually recognized that no matter if Summertime was pregnant or not, he could not think of lacking her, and chose to propose.

Each of these scenes specified relationship objectives back then and still continue to do so. The love might not have actually been best, however they still pull at your heartstrings all the very same.


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