Memes & Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony Are Brutal

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On Tuesday, Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg dealt with down members of Congress in a hearing mainly concentrated on the social networks website’s user personal privacy securities. Naturally, since the web is the web, Twitter users could not assist however discover some humor in the circumstance. So they did exactly what they do finest: they shared memes and tweets about Zuckerberg’s statement that satirized whatever from the notes the tech icon’s individual design to the notes he obviously exposed to professional photographers.

Of specific interest to Twitter users was Zuckerberg’s hairdo, which numerous stated appeared like it was cut in the house rather of in a beauty salon, which tickled the critics since Zuckerberg is widely known to be a billionaire.

In spite of the levity of the tweets and memes that made the rounds Monday afternoon, Zuckerberg’s existence on Capitol Hill was an extremely severe affair. He was questioned about how Facebook secures its users’ information, whether he thought about the social networks site to be a monopoly, and penetrated about how the business reacted to the still-unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal. For a while, however, the Web put all those concerns aside, and focused rather, on Zuckerberg as simply an individual in a sticky circumstance, not as a tech giant.


The Multi-Billionaire Who Cuts His Own Hair

Numerous users were especially concentrated on Zuckerberg’s hair.

Are Those … Microbangs?

One user explained his hairline as having “” microbangs.””

The George Osborne School Of Haircuts

Zuckerberg’s hairstyle advised a few of a specific British political leader.

Internal Shouting

Zuck’s eyes stated all of it for this Twitter user.

He remains in The Middle Of A Headache About Finals

One user questioned whether Zuckerberg was experiencing severe tension throughout his statement.

Older Politicians Learn The Best Ways To Utilize Facebook

Not even Zuckerberg’s questioners were devoid of teasing.

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