The Thai Soccer Team Trapped In A Cave Is Waiting To Be Rescued — Here’s What We Know So Far

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For 9 days, twelve Thai young boys and their soccer coach have actually been stuck in an undersea collapse northern Thailand. Someone has actually currently passed away attempting to save them, and oxygen levels in the cavern are being up to hazardous levels. As authorities weigh numerous imperfect choices for drawing out the young boys and their coach, here’s whatever we understand about the Thai soccer group caught in a cavern.

The group of 11-16 years of age initially went missing on June 23 rd when, after a soccer match, they went to check out the Tham Luang Cavern with their coach. Although they had actually supposedly been to that cavern previously, they chose to check out the cavern even more this time so they might compose their names on the wall, the Wall Street Journal reported. Nevertheless, it began drizzling greatly after they got in, triggering water levels to increase quickly and flood the course they got in through.

A global effort to conserve the young boys rapidly emerged, with rescuers from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Myanmar, China and Laos all pertaining to Thailand to assist regional authorities find the group. Thai Navy SEALS have actually been leading the effort, inning accordance with TIME, and U.S. Flying force has actually sent out 17 members to assist with the objective.

On July Second, scuba divers from the British Cavern Rescue Council lastly situated the group, and all of them lived and safe. However although the Thai young boys and their coach have actually been provided food and products, they’re still in risk– from falling oxygen levels, impending monsoons and the lack of any fool-proof strategy to obtain them from the cavern.

Authorities are now thinking about 4 techniques to saving the young boys, inning accordance with Vox: Pumping water from the cavern’s passages to let the group leave the method it was available in, drilling into the surrounding rock and pulling them out, teaching the group to scuba dive so they can swim out themselves, or having them wait in the cavern for the next numerous months up until monsoon season passes and the water drains pipes from the cavern naturally.

The very first method is currently underway. A rescue authorities with Thailand’s interior ministry informed the Guardian on Thursday that professionals have actually drained pipes 40 percent of the cavern’s water, partly clearing the 2.5-mile course the young boys would have to travel in order to leave the cavern. However draining pipes the water might well be a Sisyphean effort: More heavy rain is anticipated on Saturday, inning accordance with the Guardian, which will re-flood the tunnels surrounding the cavern.

Drilling into the cavern from above may appear like a relatively simple method to draw out the young boys. However it’s a logistical problem: The cavern is below a mountain that’s covered in heavy forests, with couple of to no ideal highways for transferring drilling devices, and the Guardian reported Friday that authorities have actually been not able to discover an appropriate drilling place.

Nevertheless, Elon Musk revealed Friday that he’s sending out engineers from 2 of his companies, SpaceX and the Boring Business, to examine whether a drilling option is still feasible. Musk likewise recommended that air might be pumped into the cavern from the outdoors, pumping up the cavern “” like a bouncy castle”” and developing an air tunnel that would “” auto-conform to odd shapes”” in the cavern’s numerous passages.

Teaching the soccer group to scuba dive, or having the group pass through the flooded tunnels themselves through other ways, is a high order: The young boys and their coach are not in excellent physical shape, as they went without food for 10 days and are breathing reduced levels of oxygen (more on that listed below). Moreover, a few of them have no idea ways to swim, inning accordance with CNN.

“” Cavern diving is extremely hazardous for individuals who are extremely skilled doing it,”” Anmar Mirza of the United States National Cavern Rescue Commission informed CNN. “” And now you’re taking a look at taking individuals who have no experience or little experience with diving, and putting them into a total blackout circumstance, where they need to count on a regulator and the tanks with them to breathe.”” Thai scuba diver Songkran Yodpunkham informed CNN that the physical and mental tension the kids have actually been under might make them stress or hyperventilate throughout their escape, consuming valuable oxygen.

The last choice– having the kids and coach wait in the cavern up until monsoon season ends in October– is dangerous also. If the coming months of rains are heavy enough, the chamber they remain in might flood entirely, drowning them. Moreover, oxygen levels have actually been up to 15 percent in the cavern, authorities state, which has most likely currently hindered the group’s cognitive capabilities and motor performance (Regular, breathable air has an oxygenation level of around 21 percent). Authorities are trying to place an oxygen tube into the cavern, however this led to the objective’s very first death when a previous Navy SEAL lacked air while trying to run the line through to the cavern.

Time is going out for the Thai young boys and their coach. However all hope isn’t really lost: ABC News reported late Friday that the Royal Thai Navy, in cooperation with authorities from the United States and numerous other nations, might release a “” friend dive”” rescue effort, where each of the young boys is accompanied out one-by-one by a knowledgeable scuba diver, as quickly as this weekend.

“” When we discovered the young boys, we believed that the young boys would have the ability to endure in there for a long period of time,”” Thai Navy SEAL Leader Arpakorn Yookongkaew stated at an interview. “” Now, things have actually altered. We have actually restricted time. We need to strive.””

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