What Happened Between Rachel and Angela? This Big Brother Friendship Ended With An Eviction And Some Cruel Words

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With the expulsion of Rachel, Huge Bro 20 continues to be among the most unexpected seasons of the program in current history. After being blindsided by her own alliance, Rachel took a seat for a tearful exit interview with Julie Chen that ended with Rachel experiencing a harsh and insulting farewell message from her previous internal bestie Angela. If you do not know exactly what took place in between Rachel and Angela that influenced such anger in the latter’s farewell message, do not stress– Rachel has no idea, either.

The blindside expulsion was eventful long prior to Angela’s stunning farewell message, thanks to Brett’s 2nd unforgettable expulsion speech of the season. Simply as his very first speech of the season tried to explode your house by recommending that Rockstar had actually turned on her alliance, Brett seized the day to attempt and toss Rachel and a few of his fellow houseguests under the bus. Brett declared that Rachel was the head of an all-women alliance called the “” Maneaters,”” consisted of all the females in your house other than for Sam, which they were targeting the staying males in your house. After being openly lied about by Brett and voted out of the home by her own alliance, Rachel stormed out of your house to do her exit interview– which is when the occasions of the night went from unanticipated to downright harsh.

Newly shellshocked by the blindside, Rachel discovered no relief in her exit interview with Julie Chen. Huge Bro audiences talked about Twitter that Chen’s concerns throughout the interview felt more like an interrogation than the generally unwinded interviews of weeks’ past. Chen pressed Rachel to not just describe why she believed she had actually been kicked out, however asked Rachel to attempt and think the names of individuals who evicted her while she was trying to restore her composure. While Chen’s interview concerns might have been more aggressive than they have actually been all season, the worst part of Rachel’s expulsion night was still yet to come.

Rachel’s farewell videos were all quite common for a Huge Bro expulsion and didn’t draw much of an action from Rachel– till Angela’s was played. In her video, Angela informed Rachel “” you talked yourself onto the block, you lied to my face and your stories do not make good sense.”” Rachel’s jaw dropped as Angela continued, “” our last 2 offer has to do with as unimportant as you were week 2,”” recommending that Rachel has actually not been of any usage to her alliance for almost a month. “” I’m sorry Rachel, however you’re going home,”” she concluded. Angela’s message was the sort of farewell one might get out of a Huge Bro bane– not a close ally. When Rachel asked Julie Chen for a description, all that Chen had time to state was “” She didn’t think you.””

Rachel and Angela had actually been good friends given that the start of the season, and was among the core collaborations of the Level 6 alliance. The 2 had actually even sworn to make a “” last 2″” alliance with each other, however things deviated when Angela began believing that Rachel had actually been lying to her. In a miscommunication deserving of a network comedy, Rachel had actually informed Angela that Tyler was aiming to target the 2 of them, which was not real. Angela revealed this to Kaycee, who informed Tyler, who informed Angela that he had never ever stated such a thing. What Angela didn’t understand was that Rachel believed she was informing the reality due to the fact that Bayleigh had actually lied to Rachel, and was the producer of the lie about Tyler. Nevertheless, the idea of Rachel lying appeared to motivate Angela to burn her relationship with Rachel.

Rachel’s dreadful, terrible, no excellent, extremely bad night ended with her previous ally, Angela, winning the power of HoH for the following week. Angela’s brand-new power in your house is the last harsh twist in the end of Rachel’s time in the Huge Bro home, who had actually been absolutely nothing however devoted to the alliance that had actually sent her packaging. Huge Bro informs audiences to “” anticipate the unanticipated,”” however nobody might’ve anticipated how harsh Rachel’s exit showed to be.

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